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New Concrete

  concrete walkways

Sidewalk Replacement

Your concrete walkway could be considered part of your identity. At Brigh Contracting, we know the importance of the appearance to the front of your home and how it looks from the street. Your stone, flagstone, or brick walkway is the last thing your guests will see before walking into your home. This is when your guests will have a first glimpse of what to expect to see.

Our concrete finishers/installers take great care to make sure that your "front door guests" give you a compliment on your impressive home improvement. As concrete contractors, we take the time to discuss with you your plans on layout/design, materials such as the type of stone, stamps or color to be used with the concrete and possible solutions for any problematic areas. All preparations whether it is installing the form boards, designing stepping stones or laying gravel for a good foundation under the concrete are completed and inspected with you before the concrete truck arrives.

concrete stairway  

 Residential Bank Stairway


As contractors, we know the importance of getting the 'prep' work done right the first time before the concrete is poured because there is no second chance. The installation process of a concrete stamped pattern walkway will have a flawless finish. This careful preparation directly contributes to a long trouble-free concrete life.

For existing homes, concrete adds beauty, functionality, and value to your home. Whether it’s patios, basements or complete additions, Brigh has the capabilities to take on the whole project including working with architects to get the right design to excavation to finishing.

new concrete projects

Project: Storage area for lawn equipment with patio roof. A) Before B) Excavation C) Construction start D) Wall complete and support beams for roof patio E Rebar and decking F) Stamped concrete patio G) Finished – side view H) Inside with concrete floor I) Finished room. Note the addition matches the house and looks as it both were constructed at the same time.

Stamped Concrete

For added flair to your driveway, sidewalk, or patio (see above), we can provide a stamped concrete solution. Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned and/or textured or embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures. The ability of stamped concrete to resemble other building materials makes stamped concrete a less expensive alternative to using those other authentic materials such as stone, slate or brick. Stamped concrete can greatly enhance the look of your home and increase the value.

Paver Stones

  paver concrete stones

Brigh Contracting installs paver stone solutions for steps, walks, driveways, retaining walls, patio and edging. Our stone and concrete brick paving transform landscapes into beautiful dreamscapes. Our hardscape experts can completely transform your home’s outdoor spaces.

The interlocking paver solutions are non-skid, non-slip and guaranteed to endure even the harshest conditions – from shifting soil to extreme hot and cold temperatures – without cracking or crumbling. They are sand jointed to allow flexibility, which eliminates the possibility of joints cracking. All of our paving stones are manufactured to meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards of at least 8,000 PSI, approximately four times stronger than concrete, and 10-20 times the strength of asphalt. All of our paving stones are colored with a variety of oxides. Brigh has access to many paver stone suppliers so you may find just the unique look that fits your desires, including Lampaus, Unilock, Versalock, Keystone, Durowall, Bower Block, and Omni Stone.




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